Giulio Gonella was born in Rome (1983), where the prestigious artistic and cultural heritage, and the advanced expressions of the contemporary art, allowed him to develop a strong sense of beauty and elegance.

After a discovery journey in India, he started a professional course in a prestigious institute of photography, where he earned a three-year diploma. During the years spent in Rome, he collected several experiences, which led him to deepen the photography language and technique.

He moved to Madrid, where he collaborated as freelance for photography studio and, in addition to fashion photography, he started to focus on a personal portfolio, designed for exhibitions and art galleries.

After the winning of the national contest “Nikon Talents” (category portraits), he became a teacher at a highschool in Rome and in China.

He participates in numerous exhibitions including the “5th Biennal of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Barcelona”
and the “QuozArtsFest2019 “in Dubai.