Wake Up

The eyes are closed , they do it to open (maybe) before the true vision : imagination .What is said here is a story, and like all good stories is simply complex .Or have a camera with Polaroid 440 film 669 that registered individuals ” wake up ” led to their representation to ” close your eyes ‘ .The provision of methodical and reasoned numerous photographs , took the name of Wake Up.

So far , the story leaves us with the trace of this action , so far the fable narrated epilogue should find the sum of all these forthcoming ” awakening .”Now, who would eat candy jealously preserving the wrapping ?

…and fabula becomes our plot.

So in the dark of a drawer have rested for two years, latent images , the trace on the protective emulsion of the film used for the project.This blurred image fused and confused by the chemical reactions of the development was further photographed and digitized .The author has taken advantage of the characteristics of this support – and opalescence microtrama – directing a beam of light because they reveal a new positive .

The result is impressive , a sort of iridescent reissue poetics of post-mortem photography of the nineteenth century ” magazine ” and revived by a double desire : that of making and revising what has been done , working a second time.The “Wake Up ” imminent continues in a dimension that has nothing to do with sleep, because pure dream , that ” Dream On” inexhaustible because cyclically fed by his own fantasies . Quiet , high beam , very personal fantasies .